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Dewa Athena is sport competition event in SMA 3 Bandung. There are three sessions; elimination on 25th march, semifinal on 1st April, and final on 8th  April. Before the competition our class have made a jersey which coloured red and gold. I took number  ‘9’ on my jersey’s back
And the first day of competition came..

I’ve came late because it’s grade 12th test holiday for a week. Whereas my friend’ve asked us to came before 7 0’clock. But i came about 7 more lol:D before the competition started, Dita brought a lot of pastel to coloured our face

And the first competition is basket ball. We currently gather in basket field. The players from our class, they were Yahya, Dio, Raihan, Ziyad, Ernest, Kevin. And our rival was from X Mipa 6. We’ve gotten first goal from Yahya. And the score changed into 0-1. But the end we have 4 score and 12 from the rival. “It’s okay.. we still have more competition to win” from our minds.

And the second competition is Gobak Sodor. Gobak Sodor is one of Indonesian traditional game. Yahya, Raihan, Dila, Gita, Hafsa, Adeline, Kevin, Maher, Ziyad and I were enjoyed the game. This game have 2 sessions. In the first session our class got for guard the rival. But unfortunately, Abhinaya from X Mipa 4 success passed us. And and the last session our class took turns for passing the guard. But no one succed from our class. Whereas i nearly went to the finish. But I think Gobak Sodor is the funiest competition for me

And next game is estafette run. From our class they were Gita, Adel, Dio, and Ziyad versus X Social. Our class played so well. And we’ve susccesful beat our rival. This is the first time of the competition that we win.

We went to the field for the next game, girl’s futsal. Dila, Dita, Najwa, Adel, Gita, and I were going the game. But our team didn’t lost for the next session)):

This is the last game I enjoyed for the first day of  Dewa Athena

and the next game there is 'Tarik Tambang' the strongest class is the winner from this game, we've just ask to pull the peak of the rope and the other peak was pull with the rival. we've win for this competition, because we have David and Kenny that we called them 'The Great Wall of China" wkwkwk:D

And the second day on 1st April

I enjoyed girl’s dodge ball with my friends, Gita, Dila, Adel, Dita, and Kirana versus X Mipa 10. Our team have strategy so we defend from the ball very well. And we’ve win from first session. And the next session we against X social, but we didn’t lost for the final): so saddd

and same as the other game): from futsal we lost when against X Mipa 6 because X Mipa 6 have many students which joined Belitung Muda):

for Tarik Tambang... David, Kenny, and Dio can't played the game because they have religion lesson. so we can't be the winner from tarik tambang too..

But we got second winner from girls Badminton yeayyyy!! 

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Review Movie


The Conjuring is a 2013 American supernatural 

horror film directed by James Wan and written by Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes.

*James Wan                                *Chad Hayes & Carey Hayes

The Conjuring was released in the United States and Canada on July 19, 2013, and in the United Kingdom and India on August 6, 2013. One of the highest-grossing horror films of all time.

  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
  • Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron
  • Ron Livingston as Roger Perron
  • Shanley Caswell as Andrea Perron
  • Hayley McFarland as Nancy Perron
  • Joey King as Christine Perron
  • Mackenzie Foy as Cindy Perron
  • Kyla Deaver as April Perron


In 1971, Roger and Carolyn Perron move into a dilapidated farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island with their five daughters Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy, and April. Their dog Sadie refuses to enter the house and one of the children while playing a game of 'hide and clap' finds a boarded-up entrance to a cellar.
Paranormal events occur within the first few nights: all of the clocks stop at exactly 3:07 AM and Sadie is found dead in the backyard. One night in bed, Christine feels a tugging on her leg, which is a spirit only she can see. She screams and says that the spirit wants the family dead. Another night, Carolyn hears clapping in the hallway. When she goes to investigate, following the noises, she gets trapped in the basement by the spirit. At the same moment, Andrea and Cindy are attacked by a spirit on top of the wardrobe.
Carolyn decides to contact noted demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who agree to take on the case. The Warrens conduct an initial investigation and conclude that the house may require an exorcism, but they need authorization from the Catholic Church and further evidence before they can proceed.
Ed and Lorraine discover that the house once belonged to an accused witch, Bathsheba (a relative of Mary Towne Eastey), who sacrificed her week-old child to the devil and killed herself in 1863 after cursing all who would take her land. They find reports of numerous murders and suicides in houses that had since been built on the property.
To gather evidence, Ed and Lorraine place cameras and bells around the house. They see Cindy sleepwalking into Andrea's room, and from the EVPs coming from the radio, they hear a spirit luring Cindy into the wardrobe, where she reveals a secret passage inside. Lorraine enters the passage and falls through the floorboards to the cellar, where she sees the spirit of a woman whom Bathsheba had long ago possessed and used to kill her child.
The Perron family decides to take refuge at a hotel while Ed and Lorraine take their evidence to the Church. The Warrens' daughter Judy is attacked in their own home by Bathsheba, though Ed arrives in time to save her.
Carolyn, now possessed by Bathsheba, takes Christine and April back to the house. Ed and Lorraine find Carolyn in the cellar trying to stab Christine. After tying Carolyn to a chair, Ed decides that an exorcism needs to be performed on Carolyn, but realizes there isn't enough time to wait for a priest to arrive. Ed decides to perform the exorcism himself, and in the process is attacked by Bathsheba. Though Carolyn escapes and attempts to kill April, Lorraine is able to distract Carolyn from killing her daughter by reminding her of a special memory she shared with her family, allowing Ed to complete the exorcism, saving Carolyn and April and lifting Bathsheba's curse forever.

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My Vacation

After i finished my school holiday, I will tell you a story about my vacation to Stone Garden, Padalarang

When I am at home I’d like to eat many junkfood, play games with my friend, read a storybook about our Prophet, chatting until midnight, and certainly, I didn’t know the name of “study” wkwkwkwk :D During the holidays, I got to stay up really late and eat! Much, much!

But, sometimes I feel bored. Because, when I saw my snapgram story on my phone, there’s a lot of my friend who took a videos or some photos about theirs holiday. That’s make me feel envy. But in the end, my friend invite me to go with to Stone garden in Padalarang but we didn’t have any idea to go there, and we decided to go to Stone Garden by uber because there was some promo that the cost will free up to RP75.000.

We went to Stone Garden together from Borma Cijerah. After that, we went to close to my elementary school in cimindi for shorten the rute. Near my school there is minimarket so we bought some snacks for we brought to Stone Garden. Then, we continue to Stone Garden by Uber.

Just half of our way, suddenly the driver looked shocked after he checked his phone. Evidently his wife would give born. We both couldn’t do anything. He apologize to us because he just can escort us in some big market in Padalarang. Padalarang was strange for us and stone garden was still 5KM from us, so we ordered Uber again. And we arrived near stone garden, because to reach it we should walk for a long way
Before we arrived to stone garden, there was Gua Pawon. Gua Pawon is a historical place because when ancient era, Gua Pawon Have been used by Homosapiens. The place had a bad smell because there was a lot of bats. Gua Pawon was amazing because its beautiful stalagtite and stalagmite, although it have a short way. After we go to Gua Pawon we hike the hill to reach Stone Garden its trip was really make us feel tired because we walk up hill road. 

And about 30 minutes finally we arrived. We amazed about the scenery, Stone Garden really has a beautiful place with a big stone form like a line in the top of the hill, the a. it has a cold and gentle air although we were there at 12 o’clock. 

After we arrived, we immediately searched a good area for rest, fortunately there were a many gazebo for us to had some rest. In gazebo we just talked and ate our snack and then after we had better, we went to explore the stone field. We took a lot of photos together. And until we felt hungry we went to small shop to buy mineral water and indomie. 

After that, we decided to went home, my mom sent me a message that I should go back to ciwalk, because my mom and my sister was watched a movie. After we went out from Stone Garden, we went ciwalk with public transportation, it took 2 hours. And after that I went home with my mom and sister and celebrate new years day.

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Hasil gambar
Komodo, or commonly called Komodo dragons (Varanuskomodoensis). Komodo is the world’s largest lizard species that live on the island of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang,and Gili Dasami in Nusa Tenggara.

In the wild, an adult dragons usually weight around 70 kilograms. The largest verified wild specimen was 3.13 metres long and weighed 166 kilograms. Komodo dragon has a tail as long as its body, and around 60 pieces of sharp serrated teeth along about 2.5 cm. Male komodos are bigger than female komodos

Komodo has gray scaly skin, a pointed snout, powerful limbs and a muscular tail. Komodo dont have the sense of hearing, although having the ear hole. They use their keen sense of smell to locate decaying animal remains from several miles away. They also hunt other lizards as well as large mammals and are sometimes cannibalistic.  Komodos can climb trees, run fast the speed up to 20 km/hour, swim well and dive until 4.5 m, komodo typically live in dry places like grassland, savanna, etc. Komodos usually hunt alone and komodos can live 15 until 30 years.

Komodo dragons are carnivores.  It is able to locate its prey using its keen sense of smell, which can locate a dead or dying animal from a range of up to 9.5 kilometres. Komodo dragons eat by tearing large chunks of flesh and swallowing them whole while holding the carcass down with their forelegs. Komodo have saliva that has deadly bacteria in it. If dragons bite dont directly kill the their prey and prey that can escape this pesky generally prey will die within one week of infection.



1. Where is komodo live?
2. How much a komodo can weight?
3. What are the characteristics of  Komodo?
4. How does the komodo look for food?
5. Why Komodo can find their prey from a far?

Nusantara Flower Park

 Is an area that has about 35 Hectares, Nusantara Flower Park in Mariawati Road KM 7 Cipanas Cianjur, West Java. Nusantara Flower Garden million is not far from Mount Pangrango and also from the garden Bogor. Nusantara Flower Garden was founded on September 10, 1995 and was inaugurated by Mrs. Tien Suharto.

Nusantara Flower Garden has many diverse collection of beautiful and fresh flowers, from crop to tropical climates or for cold climates, but not just flowers that originated from Malaysia, flowers from around the world already have. Besides refreshing your eyes, we also get a lot of new insights about the flowers. Nusantara Flower Garden is located in the Village District Sukaresmi Kawung-luwuk Cipanas-Cianjur, with 35 hectares of land area, Nusantara Flower Garden presents the beauty and charm of natural flowers and tidy. Established since 10 years ago, Malaysia's first display garden features a diverse collection of plants and flowers are famous globally unique.

Nusantara Flower Park has many facilities they are:
Ò  Glasshouses
Ò  Swan lake
Ò  The Rafflesia mini theater
Ò  Gazebo
Ò  Nature imagination
Ò  Picnic locations
Ò  Amphitheater (floating stage) Datto car
Ò  Car Wara-Wiri
Ò  Towers
Ò  Polyclinics
Ò  Nany's Galleria

In addition to Nusantara Flower Garden as a means of recreation is also used as a garden experiment with a variety of specific types of flowers and plants native to subtropical and cold climates in Europe, America, and Australia. There are all sorts of specialized parks featured on Nusantara Flower Garden, from a water garden, rose garden, French garden, secret garden , Bali garden, Mediterranean garden, palm garden, and a Japanese-style garden.

the most famous park there are: 

1.   Water Park
Water Park or we called ‘Taman Air’ has many kind of plant they are Kana Air or Thalia Dealbata from United States, Lotus or Nelumbo Nucifera is a kind of beautiful flower from Australia, Cyperus Papyrus is located on the front and back of the pond with dark green stems and leaves that resemble a cascading hair, and last, there is ‘Victoria Amazonica’ or ‘Teratai Raksasa’ from South America, the flowers appear only in the early morning or dusk.

2. Rose Garden

Roses come from the northern hemisphere or rather originated from China. In medieval times the roses commonly called Flos Florum which means flower of all flowers. In this garden you can find many kind of rose.

3. French Garden

French Garden or we called ‘Taman Perancis’ is a garden who designed Like European-style. This garden is a romantic place, so you can go with your boyfriend here :D

4. Labyrint

In labyrint, you won't get lost, because there is maze map
Until now, Nusantara Flower Park has been visited by more than 5,900,403 people from 1995 until last year. The dominance of the majority of travelers who visit here come from domestic (96%), the Middle East as much as 2%, 1% Asia region and also from the Americas and Europe 1%. 

*Admission prices of Nusantara Flower Park :
1.  Admission (ages 4 years and over): Rp 30.000, -
2.  Tickets Dotto Trains Rp 40.000, -
3.  Garden Tram Tickets Rp 40.000, -
4.  Motorcycle Parking: Rp 5.000, -
5.  Car Parking: Rp 10.000, -
6.  Minibus Parking: Rp 15.000, -
7.  Parking Bus: Rp 20.000, -
8.  Tickets Wara Wiri Rp 5,000, -
9.  Tickets Greenhouse Rp 2,000, -
10. Maze Garden Maps Rp 1,000, 

*i'm sorry i can't post photo too much, because i have some problem on my computer*